Micro Filter / Splitter

A microfilter, or splitter, is a device which splits the BT phone line in two – and acts as a barrier so the phone line can carry high speed data from an ADSL broadband service, and slower voice calls, without the two different frequencies conflicting. Without the microfilter splitting the line this conflict would prevent a user making voice calls via their phone line at the same time as being online.

The microfilter is plugged into the phone socket – it in turn has two sockets, one for the computer or router and one for the phone (or fax).

Anyone with broadband over a BT line (basically, any ADSL broadband service delivered via a phone line – it doesn’t have to actually be a broadband service bought by you from BT) must have a microfilter on all sockets for the phone line that carries the broadband package.

By Sarah at UK Broadband Finder
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