Wireless Network

Do you want broadband around the home without wires? A wireless network will allow you to do this.

A fixed broadband connection works fine if you only have one pc connected to the internet, or you know you only ever want to go online in one place. But if you have a laptop as well as a pc, or you’d like to surf the web in front of the TV or in the garden, or if you simply want to reduce that tangle of wires around your pc equipment – you may need a wireless network.

A wireless network uses radio waves to transmit your requests from any of your computers to the internet. Each pc will need a wireless adapter (although many pcs now have this functionality built in) – however the network only needs one wireless router as you can link several wireless devices to it. These could be a pc, laptop, or PDA.

When you request a webpage via a wireless network, the wireless adapter translates your request into a radio signal which is then transmitted to a wireless router. The router then sends the request to the internet.

If you have a wireless network you should ensure it is secure – your wireless network does not know where the boundaries of your property are and an unsecured wireless network can offer a way into your pc.

By Sarah at UK Broadband Finder
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