Satellite Broadband

To access broadband via satellite you need a dish with an antenna receiver, which connects with a satellite.

One-way and two-way satellite broadband services are available. A two-way service uploads and downloads via the satellite. A one-way service downloads via the satellite – but to upload you also need a dial up service. Two-way systems are fast but can be much more expensive, and so are a better option for businesses rather than residential broadband users.

Satellite broadband may be useful if you live in an area of the UK where broadband via cable or a phone line is unavailable, or if ADSL broadband performance is compromised in some way.

Drawbacks to satellite broadband include slow service at busy times, and poor weather conditions affecting the service. Latency, when there is a delay between trying to do something and it actually happening, can be a problem – particularly if you are a home or business user requiring online interactive services such as web conferencing.

By Sarah at UK Broadband Finder
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