Download Allowance

Broadband packages which do not offer unlimited downloads will have a fixed download allowance. This is the amount of data that can be downloaded in one month. Allowances could be anything from 2 GB to 40GB, or Unlimited (they are usually given in Gigs, GB, or gigabytes).

Remember that a GB download allowance refers to an amount of data, not the download speed transfer rate.

Simple web surfing and email use will use very little of a download allowance. If you have a fixed download allowance with your package you may be able to buy extra allowance as and when you need it. Or you may find that your broadband provider will allow occasional downloading beyond your monthly broadband download limit. However if you or your family regularly download very large attachments, film clips, or lots of music, you may prefer a broadband package with unlimited downloads.

Bear in mind that even unlimited downloads won’t be totally unlimited – many broadband providers say that a few extremely heavy downloaders download so much, so regularly that they disrupt service for other broadband users. because of this, unlimited broadband allowances have a fair use policy which limits extreme downloading.

By Sarah at UK Broadband Finder
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