Broadband Availability Checker

A broadband availability checker, sometimes simply known as a broadband checker, is a database of broadband packages available in the UK. By entering your BT phone number or post code you can find out which broadband packages are available to you.

It is always worth searching on your BT number and your postcode to ensure you can receive your preferred broadband package. Searching on your BT phone number will bring up accurate information on which broadband packages can be delivered to you via your BT phone line, as your BT number is linked to your local exchange – and ADSL packages, ADSL Max packages and broadband packages delivered via local loop unbundling companies (where they put their own equipment in a BT exchange) can therefore be “matched” to your BT phone number. However cable broadband (from Virgin Media or Wight Cable) is not based on telephone exchange areas.

Broadband providers and ISPs will have availability checkers on their own websites which will tell you if you can receive internet access from them. Broadband comparison websites, including my own website, UK Broadband Finder (see Blogroll, right) can provide information on a range of broadband packages and broadband providers (though not necessarily all available packages in your area).

By Sarah at UK Broadband Finder

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