ADSL2+ is next-generation ADSL with increased bandwidth – allowing theoretical download speeds of up to 22 or 24 Mb.

Providers include UK Online and Be – both of these companies have been rolling out their LLU (local loop unbundled) networks across parts of the UK. Coverage is now much improved.

Most domestic users are unlikely to need such fast download speeds at this time, and even those who can sign up for an ADSL2+ broadband package will have to be near to the exchange to get really high speeds.

However for businesses ADSL2+ could make quite a difference to download speeds on their networks. Additionally, ADSL2+ has some dignostic capabilities. ADSL2+ may well come into its own for residential broadband customers as IPTV, or Internet Protocol TV, becomes more widely available. (IPTV allows users to watch films and programmes on demand from thousands available). The extra speed available with ADSL2+ may make it much more attractive, especially as many people will also be using their broadband connection for VoIP, internet gaming, and more.

By Sarah at UK Broadband Finder
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