Meg – Mb – Megabit

Megabit, Mb and Meg (the term often used in speech) refer to the same thing. There are 1024 kilobits (or kb) in 1 megabit. Download speeds for broadband are usually given in megabits for broadband packages of 1 Meg and above (the exception is for 512k broadband packages which tend to be referred to as just that, rather than “half a meg”). The download speed is per second, so a broadband speed of 1Mb is 1Mb per second. Megabit download speeds are always prefaced with “up to” – the given speed is the theoretical maximum download speed, as many factors affect download speed.

Don’t confuse this download speed (per second), or the transfer rate, with the download allowance (which refers to an amount of data, not a transfer rate).

By Sarah at UK Broadband Finder
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